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artist & writer residencies

west and back side of house

harbourside of house

Harbour Lights Guest House offers artists and writers a quiet place to work, without interruption from the distractions of daily life.  Located along the north shore, in the Island’s easternmost tip, our farmhouse has a large living room, a spacious sunroom with both eating and lounging space, a large dining room, and a big, farmhouse kitchen.    Wi-fi is available throughout the house. Situated on a hill overlooking North Lake Harbour and the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Harbour Lights Guest House is surrounded on all sides by farmland.  

Look through our summer home rental section to see views of the interior spaces of Harbour Lights Guest House.  Consider the option of teaming up with another artist or writer to share the house and reduce your residency cost.

We also have a one to three month residency space for writers in the Island’s provincial capital city, Charlottetown.  Confederation Cottage is a converted carriage house with two rental spaces.  One is a studio-sized loft and the other is a one-bedroom garden flat that includes a bedroom, a living room area, and a bathroom.  A large outside garden and patio area provides additional space for working outdoors in a relaxing setting.

Charlottetown provides a more urban environment for your residency.  If your creative energy is sparked by the opportunity to interact with local Island writers and artists, then you may find this option appealing.  Many of the Island's cultural and arts related organizations are centred in Charlottetown.

The Charlottetown residency site is located only ten minutes from the airport and is within easy walking distance to the University of UPEI and the downtown.  Options to experience a broader range of Island dining cuisine and to participate in the active local music and arts scene abound, particularly during the summer months.

Call us (902-367-0993) or use our contact form if you'd like more detailed information or wish to schedule an artist/writer retreat or residency with us.

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